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Getting started
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 Posted: Tue Jun 26th, 2007 08:37 pm
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I started by going to the FCRA hearing page and called the House Financial Services Committee, Democratic Staff at (202) 225-4247.  I asked how I could best get my 13-page open letter to each member of the committee.  The recommendation was to send it snail mail to each member.

They sure are trying to make it difficult, expensive, slow and to waste as many resources as possible:  paper, envelopes, ink, postage ....  

I decided to disregard the recommendation.  My letters would be ignored and I'm NOT wealthy and my time is better spent DOCUMENTING what I'm doing and how they  respond.

So I went to the page with the listing of the committee members and then checked the individual sites.  Of course they only want email submissions from their contstituants.  I ignored that too and I'm submitting my requests for them to read my Open Letter online and to respond with their positions on the issues and especially regarding the Capital One refusal to not report the credit limits.

I'm posting my online submissions here and I will update with the responses, if any.

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