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My 3/18/05 DRE complaint about the advertising

Department of Real Estate
320 W. 4th St., Ste. 350
Los Angeles, CA 90013-1105

March 18, 2005

Re: Unlawful advertising by LowerMyBills DRE license 01345974 and Officer Steven Heymann DRE license 01463612

To Whom It May Concern:

In Jan. 2005 I discussed my concerns about the ads with Mr. Heymann, officer for LowerMyBills (“LMB”). He assured me that the Department of Real Estate approved the LMB internet advertising for lead generation.

However, I have spoken to several DRE employees who informed me that those types of ads are absolutely not compliant with California advertising regulations, described in great detail in the guidelines at

1) Specifically, the ads state “bad credit ok”, have no licensing disclosure, there is no APR and the advertised payments are entirely false:

These payments are NOT available to consumers with bad credit.

2) The ads also promise: “Easy Comparison, More Choices and Bigger Savings.”

This is another entirely false promise.

In February 2005 I became a victim of the LMB scam when they purchased my data from a spammer and resold it to several lenders.

There is NO comparison and instead of savings, I was subjected to countless calls from several predatory and/or subprime lenders.

I learned how LMB pays affiliates or purchases leads from spammers and resells those leads to mortgage companies who can’t get any referral business due to their awful business practices and known reputation for predatory lending.

LMB targets and exploits consumers with bad credit.

3) I am also including the LMB related court filings for your review. Please note that LMB does not even have an anti-spam policy and refused to terminate the spammer despite my repeated requests until served with my summons and complaint.

LMB argues that it is good public policy to allow profits off illegal spam.

Please immediately order LMB to cease all mortgage advertising for the purpose of lead generation.

Please contact me if you have any questions and I will certainly be happy to provide a sworn affidavit regarding my LMB spam experiences.


Christine Baker

c: posted at the Fight Back forum


1) Printouts of the advertisements
2) Motion to Dismiss my complaint and my response.

In the 4/12/05 response, DRE Senior Deputy Commissioner M. L. Brown LIED and stated that I had failed to include the printout of the advertisements.

What am I supposed to do?  Drive to LA with another person to videotape that I in fact delivered the advertisements?

Why is it that M. L. Brown refused to investigate unless I completed a 3-page form?

Unlike M. L. Brown, I do NOT get paid to protect consumers from false mortgage advertisement and to enforce California mortgage advertising laws.

Ms. Brown ought to get fired, lose her state funded retirement and be moved to the Grey Bar Hotel for a few years.

I posted a number of LMB advertisements.

Even if I had NOT included the printout of the advertisements, how could L. M. Brown NOT know about these ads, they were everywhere! 

From CNN to Drudge, you couldn't read any news online without seeing these annoying ads.

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